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Using Facebook Chatbot Messenger to Boost Your Business Online

When Facebook introduced their Facebook chatbot Messenger technology, they completed a feat that many other services had looked to achieve. For many years other vendors had looked to put similar app based technology in users hands with such market reach. But had failed.

This was a massive accomplishment for them. But this also opened the door to a great opportunity for them to better reach their users wherever they were.

It also opened the door for business users of Facebook to a whole new area of possibilities.
Facebook chatbot messenger


The Rise of Facebook Chat Bot

Many software services had attempted to launch mobile apps to corner the search market but had failed. Facebook however with their worldwide social media dominance just sneaked a leading mobile app onto the market. It’s now taking the market by storm for consumer growth and app usage.

How Facebook Chatbot Messenger Has Beaten Out It’s Competition

The Facebook chat bot wins because of 2 main successes.

Firstly it succeeds because it is in the hands of so many users. There’s no issues downloading and installing it. So it’s market share of users with the new bot technology is enormous.

Secondly the Facebook chat bots are very easy to use. They are fully featured and are mobile friendly to boot.

This means for millions of users around the world Facebook Messenger can replace their need for access to a computer.

Chat Bot Messenger Evolution

Using the Facebook Messenger chatbot for chat is a main function for many of the bots and many think it is just an instant messaging tool.

Facebook however has invested many years developing Facebook bots for Messenger from its instant message roots into a powerful and rich mobile multi-media tool. In 2014 it was renamed from Chat to Messenger and in 2016 the Artificial Intelligence or AI bot development was introduced.

Facebook Chatbot Messenger for Business

example chat bot services screen

This is really where the interest from business took off.

With chat bot Messenger Facebook integration, you can now reach your market practically  anywhere and at anytime. Facebook has a presence all over the world. It is possible to use Facebook chatbot Messenger to reach all sorts of demographics all over the globe.

This market reach can help you refine your approach to marketing to maximize your business reach online. Your market may not be worldwide but the detail that Facebook provides, means even local audiences can now benefit from a very targeted approach.

As the Facebook chatbot messenger is so easy to use by consumers it is becoming the tool of choice by them to make transactions online by using just their mobiles.

Facebook Messenger Business Challenges

As a business you have two choices firstly you can choose to utilize the chatbot Facebook technology to engage with them full on.

Or secondly you can choose to avoid the bot technology and not engage with these users and miss a massive area or demographic of your business.

If your business is not using Facebook at all currently and has no reason because your business demographic is not aligned to this, then the second option may make sense for you.

But if your business is using Facebook currently or is intending to and looking for business growth, then the first option should really be the route for you.

Chatbot Messenger Business Support

The good news is that most businesses do not need to spend hundreds of thousands for bot development to the level of McDonalds or Starbucks have achieved.

The best way to get started is to get an entry level chatbot Messenger online and then grow its function in line with what your customers and your business needs to grow.

The level of Facebook chat bot that you get started with will also depend on your business model and whether you are actively marketing to your customers but our bots can manage all this.

This could be to gain new customers, or retain and grow existing customers.

As the famous saying goes the best place to start is at the beginning so get started now, today. Check out the demo bot links listed on our site and if they are of interest get in touch to see how we can help deliver you the best chatbot Messenger for your business.

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