Facebook Chatbot Examples for Real Estate

Facebook Chatbot Examples for Real Estate Agents

This is a video of our Facebook chatbot examples for real estate marketing, which highlights our bot development service which we can offer for real estate agents looking to market on Facebook.

The video is a walk through of the real estate bots that we can provide and highlights some of the features of a custom Facebook Messenger bot for real estate which we can develop and customize for your own real estate business.

As you will see in the video the default messenger home page is designed to look like the Facebook page
for users recognition and your brand theming. If you don’t already have a Facebook business page don’t worry as we can create the Facebook business page for you at the same time.

Facebook Chatbot Examples for Real Estate Video Walk Through
Facebook Chatbot Examples for Real Estate


So as you will see in the video, the default action to start a Messenger chatbot is the “Get Started” button at the bottom to interact with it. We usually include some welcome text above it to introduce the bot and help inform users how to Get Started.

So in the video I click on Get Started and this Facebook chatbot examples for real estate bot will take us through a series of different options which a customer might be interested in when looking to rent, buy or sell a house.

With a real estate bot it’s going to give us some welcome information first of all and it’s going to ask us what we are looking for.

In this instance we are giving the user options if they were looking to Buy or they are looking to Sell a house, or are they looking to Rent.

Chatbot Examples for Real Estate Rental Option

In this instance we will select we are looking to Rent.

So I’m going to click on the Rent option and again the real estate chatbot is going to bring up some property listings that we might have available. So you can see we have a carousel option for image and property listings.

But we could also include here links to video walkthroughs of the properties as an option.

So the way this is set up will depends on your preference really and how you would like it to look.

Messenger Bot for Luxury Real Estate

We can link to a range of property images and we can then link to web pages or we can have
multiple images per property listing.

This is all customizable to suit the way you want to present it to your customers and the amount of detail that you would like to present.

If you are listing luxury properties you might want to include as much detail as possible to generate the most interest.

We can link to the web page which the Facebook chatbot examples for real estate video shows.

The good thing with chatbots is that they should be designed for users not to do a lot of text input we want to give options like forms and buttons and things that users can just click with with their thumb or input very easily from selections. This Facebook chatbot examples for real estate as with all our other bots is designed for people to use on mobiles.

Chatbots for Real Estate Buying Option

Later in the video example you can see we’re going to highlight buying and this time the bot can it give us some different options. Again a bit of a welcome text.

So in the Facebook chatbot examples for real estate bot we have the option to take us through some different scoring options credit scoring. This allows us to navigate customers through some credit scoring options so let’s say we were a perfect score. This allows us to profile users and segregate them for different follow up options.

As a buyer we can see we’ve got a whole series of questions. We select we are going to be looking to buy in the next one to two months and again this is designed the way that you want it so this is fully customizable. So it’s got there now it’s going to ask us some some contact information to verify so that we can progress with the contact follow up. You will notice again we don’t need the user to enter any information unless they want to amend their details as Facebook will present the information it has already. As you can see this is a very powerful feature.

Messenger Bot for Real Estate Scheduling Option

Next we’re going to go back to Listings to show a different option of the real estate bot.

So in the Facebook chatbot examples for real estate we go to listings so again now we’ve got a series of options to present to the customers or prospective customers. Remember I said we could share it differently so this option here shows we have a gallery and again we can link to calendars for scheduling appointments.

We can link to the web pages and the great thing about this for your customers is they have got this information always with them. So you can save on giving them printed brochures which they often forget about or lose.

Facebook Bot for Real Estate Social Sharing

The additional benefit is that they’ve always got them with them. It’s great for them to share them with their friends and family when they’ve been looking at some houses. They always want to get other people’s feedback and comments so they can share them easily.

Next we look at some gallery options. We can take a more detailed look at this one in Arizona. We can show a series of different images for that property here, some internal and external pictures. We can link to videos in here of the property as well.

You can put as much information as you like.

Facebook Messenger Real Estate Scan Codes Option

Another really great thing which we’re not showing you in this view but I’ll show in a separate video. Is we can do Facebook Messenger scan codes. Scan codes really great, as the users scan them with their phone and they get taken straight into a listing or your default main page.

We can set them up for you with multiple scan codes. you could have a scan code for your agency or business or you can have a scan code per listing. They’re a really great feature and it takes the user straight into the listings they’re interested in.

The good thing about Messenger is once you’ve got a user into Messenger either by scan code or off your blog or Facebook page then you can message them as well to follow up with them.

So then you’ve got some really great options to follow up with prospects via messenger.

Real Estate Bots Customization Options

Don’t forget the messenger bot for real estate will be designed to match your business look and feel, we can include your website content and link to it or the listings that you currently require.

This is a fully flexible Facebook Messenger bot demo for real estate that can be fully tailored to your requirements. All the Facebook chatbots that we produce a fully customizable and this is just a real estate example but we can make these for all your business types and they’re a fantastic little
tool, which their use is only gonna grow and grow and they’re gonna save you a lot of time and a lot of money for your business.

Click the demo bot link below and you can test the bot yourself and the range of features that it can offer your business. Interact with it and have a look around and see how this might suit your real estate business.

We’ll be really be pleased to hear from you if this is something you think you could use in your own real estate business and it would be great to be able to follow up with you on it.

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