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Best Facebook Messenger Bots for Business Growth

Facebook Messenger bots for business are a great way to grow your business and provide an easy way for you stay in touch with your customers. These best Facebook Messenger for business bots are hidden gems from Facebook and are so very, very undervalued. But with the right understanding of what these chatbots for business can do for your business, your business growth can really soar.

Installing an automation task to allow your customers to ask simple questions to your Facebook chat bot is one of the best uses that is applicable for all business types. This is one of the simplest and easiest methods to implement and should be your default Facebook Messenger business chat bot for getting started.

 facebook messenger bots for business


Once you have your default Facebook bot for business, you can then build out its functions and complexity from there.

Facebook Chat Bots for Business Marketing

One of the most common reasons we are advised why more people are not using Facebook Messenger bots for business is that they don’t know how to get started with them. We take that complexity away and can get your bots for business up and running quickly. We can also grow it with your business over time so it becomes more feature rich. As you get used to what it can do you will no doubt want to add more features.

There are a number of surveys which have been conducted online with regards business responsiveness to customers that Facebook have undertaken. The surveys revealed that 90% of customers; looking to conduct business or purchase an item; have advised that they would probably give their business to the company that responded to them first online.

This is a massive takeaway in a 24/7 world online. Most businesses are not able to support 24 hour operators to answer customer queries but this is an ideal opportunity where your bot can step in for you and help close that business or at least be the one responding to a customer. Many competitors will not be managing this so can be a big opportunity for the right business.

Facebook Messenger Bots for Business Examples of Common Uses

There are many common questions that a business are asked everyday which are not always technical questions. From a customer confidence perspective they are critical that they are answered to help develop trust. These common questions can be easily answered by a basic bot to save your staff time.

These are ideal starting uses for your FB Messenger for business bot. Uses could be for example: your opening hours, your location, you can link to a map to give them driving directions; bookings for restaurants, salons and spas; menus and other basic business information that a potential customer needs.

This information could already be listed on your business website. But the growth in Facebook Messenger use and chatbots for social engagement or social media mean that many of your customers are now staying on Facebook so they will no longer be going to your website to view this information.

This is where maximising your social media presence and especially with Facebook is where a lot of your future business growth will be gained with bots and business.

This is great for the innovative businesses who already invested in their social media presence. But is also a great opportunity for all business to get started with Facebook Messenger chatbots. You can even overtake your bigger business competitors by using innovation and technology to get a head start over your competition.

Facebook ChatBot Common Questions

People are often also concerned that the chatbot can go rogue and start answering questions incorrectly for customers. Don’t worry the technology that chatbots use is not that advanced yet.

Although the bot will use basic artificial intelligence (AI). The Facebook Messenger bots use what is classed as supported AI. This means the bot only knows what to say from the rules that you give it.

This is great so for example it can be used to take the laborious repetitive questions or processes and automate them. To save your staff time and save your business money.

You basically teach the bot what to say from the information that you give it. It can only answer those questions that you have set up for it to do.

Facebook chatbot

This means that your staff can be more productive doing the tasks that make your business money. The bot will deal with the routine stuff which your staff can also find boring or repetitive. Most importantly your customers get the answers they needed. When they needed them. As a result your business credibility will get a boost. Your customer was able to stay on Facebook and can even conduct all this on their mobile if they chose.

FB Messenger Bots for Business Get Started

The starting point for most bots is the “Get Started” button which is the trigger for the bot to start. Until then it is just sitting there waiting to answer your customer queries. Once your customer clicks the Get Started button the bot can respond with whatever you have requested it to do. It can present menus, buttons and content. The content can include text, video, links and images. This provides a very rich way to display content to your customers away from your website. The major bonus for you also is that as Facebook and Facebook Messenger are already mobile optimized. You don’t have to manage the complexity of setting up the content for showing correctly for mobile use. Facebook will manage all this for you.

Facebook as well as many others technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM are all investing heavily in the technology of bots. So expect the usage of these to only going to grow over the next few years. Automation in industry was a key growth factor in the last century. Technology automation is set to skyrocket over the next few years. This will be fueled also as cloud services continues to grow.

Get in early with your own Facebook Messenger bots for business and you will be able to maximize your investment of these little helpers very quickly. You will be soon wondering how your business was ever able to cope without them.

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